Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Power of Two

Our photography package comes with 2 photographers by default. It has not always been this way but we have learned through our experience that most couples would prefer to have two photographers anyway and we also believe that this setup is best for the couple for the following reason: We believe in beautiful and magical stories (that is why we are in the wedding business in the first place) and we believe that a story needs to be well-developed and the story needs to be as clear and memorable years after the event. The couple's wedding story cannot be complete unless we have all the characters captured from the start. This is where the 2 photographer setup comes in as critical.

The following story scenes cannot be completed unless there are two photographers.

1. Preparation and setup - While the first photographer is covering the bride, you don't want to miss that moment that the groom is stressing about whether his tie is perfect or if his shoelaces should be double tied or the groom talking with his groomsmen while waiting for the bride or whether he should put powder on his face or not. The 2nd photographer also typically goes ahead to the church to photograph the venue to set the mood of the story and to photograph guests arriving.

2. Aisle Procession - The first photographer will always be with the bride so the second photographer is properly suited to cover the procession from the front of the church, including capturing the look of the groom when he first sees his bride on the aisle, photographing each of the members of the procession, including that flower girl trying to remain composed while throwing out the petals and even photographing the guests' look as they rise to see the bride in her most beautiful day.

3. Ceremony - The first photographer will typically cover the couple from the front of the altar and thus having the 2nd photographer will ensure that the other vital parts of what makes a good story is covered. The teary-eyed parents, the readers, the congregation as a whole and even the artistic shots from the choir level or even from the front pews.

4. End of Ceremony - though both photographers will typically cover that magical moment of the kiss, the 2nd photographer can rush immediately to the end of the aisle to capture the procession out and probably the traditional exit ceremonies (flower/rice throws,etc)

5. Reception - The 2nd photographer will typically rush to the event site to capture all the details of the venue before most of the guests arrive including table setting (so the bride can see the product of her hardwork over the past few months selecting just the right plate and just the right napkin fold), chairs and mood - a vital part of any story. The 2nd photographer also ensures we capture all the key parts of the story - especially when at that moment the other photographer can be engaged in another part of the venue - like the first dance, cake cutting, speeches and other activities that may have not been planned at all like a sudden breakout of dancing guests,etc.

6. Overall artistic value - the two photographers will typically carry a whole set of photographic equipment just by themselves but since the first photographer will always cover the bride, the 2nd photographer will carry some lenses that the first photographer will never need like the wide angle lens or the long telephoto lenses. This setup gives the couple an extra choice when it comes to artistic value of the photographs for their final wedding album.

Now imagine years from now as the couple celebrates their nth wedding anniversary - they open their story album and they reminisce about the shiny new shoes of the groom in white socks, the cake cutting mess, the teary eyed dad and how COMPLETE their story is as it happened on their actual wedding day.

That is what we are about - we are about COMPLETE MOMENTS, COMPLETE STORIES and TIMELESS MEMORIES.

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