Friday, April 20, 2012

Pictures are Bookmarks to Our Emotions

Images move me.

There is this old saying that says that a picture speaks a thousand words but for me, the right image can do much more - it can reach inside me and trigger my emotions. I have seen pictures that brought me inexplicable joy...I have held printed pictures in my hands that moved me to tears..I have seen amazing landscapes from someone else's eyes and I have seen portraits that said more to me than just "hey I am a person".  I see smiles, tears, frowns, love, looks of surprise - I see life as it is supposed to be - lived with full emotions!

This is the primary reason I am a photographer..I love capturing that moment that moved me - freeze it from time and share it...not the image, not the picture - but the emotions that moved me when I clicked the shutter.

I have been taking photographs for almost a decade now and I still look back to my old pictures and they don't only show me what I saw then but they bring me back to that actual moment - as if I am traveling back in time and experiencing again everything else happening at that time those pictures were taken - as though those images were merely bookmarks to what mattered more at that time - the moment when emotions were shared.

I hope that every photographer will always remember the first reason we picked up a camera in the first place..probably when we were still kids even ..and that reason was to capture and share life moments!

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