Sunday, February 19, 2012

We Believe in the 80-20 Rule

With the advent of high-tech consumer-level photography equipment, wedding photography has taken a turn.

We now see a proliferation of photographers in weddings that carry these equipment and think that since they can carry a high-tech camera - they can shoot a high quality wedding picture. This can be the proverbial Uncle Ben or Aunty Sally or the "Friend of a friend of the groom" of any wedding.

True professional photographers believe though that, though the science is really helpful, the science is of no use if the art is not there. We recognize that the camera and the post-processing tools are simply those - TOOLS. One can have the most advanced photographic equiment, the most complicated, full-featured software and still take the most uninspired pictures one can take. Photography requires an "eye" but it requires more a "heart". It is similar to hiring a carpenter - even if you give him a golden hammer or a platinum saw - that project will not look as good or as strong without the experience, the eye and the heart of a carpenter.

We believe that our photography follows the 80-20 rule. We strive everytime to get the picture as perfect as we can in-camera as compared to thinking that "I can fix this later anyway" - we think "we can enhance this later". We believe that that perfect picture is 80% in camera and only 20% in post-processing.

I am still amazed that there are brides that are sacrificing their special day simply because they believe that having that Uncle Ben is enough to capture their wedding day....only to regret it after...and hope they listened to their initial gut feeling - get a professional.

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