Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Why I Join Bridal Shows

Some people ask me what is the value of joining bridal shows wherein in fact you can just get your website out there and do the best online marketing you can do?

Needless to say not all bridal shows are created equal and one needs to find a show that fits their business model and style but I join select bridal shows because of the following:

1) Personal touch - there is nothing more exciting than meeting in person the brides and couples that visit the bridal shows. I am a people person and I love talking to the brides - not just to introduce my own business but also to hear about their wedding plans and see their faces light up just talking about their wedding color or their choice of church or who is making their dress, etc. I love seeing joy and that is one reason why I went into this business in the first place - I love seeing and photographing happy people and arguably, a wedding is the best place to see that. Somehow their happiness affect me too and though I go home tired after a wedding shoot - I always go home happy.

2) Market me - every bride prefers to have vendors that match their own personality and style and during shows - I get brides asking me about my approach or style in photography and I get to show them my portfolio and they can see if I am the person they want to work with. I am a hands-on photographer and I prefer to talk to my brides and their families during the actual event. I shoot candid moments but at the same time I also direct and pose if I feel it is needed to get the best out of the events. I am not the type that will stay hidden in a corner the whole time. I believe the couples deserve to have the best photos of their wedding and I make sure I give them the best I can give - each time - every time.

3)Market Insight - bridal shows give me the chance to meet the real brides out there and hear what they are looking for in terms of wedding photography. It gives me a chance to look at my own services vis-a-vis the real market demand out there. You hear a lot of views in terms of what is relevant, what is new, what is hot but what really matters is what your market thinks is relevant and hot, especially those that are around your local vicinity. Bridal shows gives me and my business the opportunity to evolve with my market so that I can ensure I provide the most relevant service to my market.

I am excited to be in a Bosco bridal show this coming January 15 at the Doubletree hotel in Tarrytown, NY and I am giving out a limited amount of free entry tickets to brides who are near the area. Just send me an email at and the first 5 brides get in for free!

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