Friday, September 30, 2011

Why I Love Shooting Weddings

I regularly bump into people who ask me why I shoot weddings? Some even say they can't imagine carrying such a heavy set of cameras for 8 hours or more and not being able to even take nature breaks during key moments of the events.

I have not really given it much thought but I realize that the following are the top reasons why I shoot weddings:

1) I love to see and be with happy people and weddings are one of those events where you can see tens to hundreds of people being happy at the same time - all dressed up to the nines at that!

2) I love being part of a new life for two people being one celebrating their love. Weddings are a flood of emotions and I relish in those moments.

3) I love taking pictures that will be more than pictures for those who matter - they will be a permanent reminder of probably one of the happiest moments of their lives

4) I love looking at the pictures myself and seeing how emotions can be captured in pictures

5) It reminds me of my own wedding and all the toasts and reminders in the weddings I cover also talk to me in their own special way.

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