Thursday, August 25, 2011

Moments By Us is now Fully Insured!

I have been thinking about it for months, I have looked at several forums and I have looked at multiple companies already and I finally decided to get business insurance from Hill and Usher .

Why did I decide to get an insurance?

1) I value my clients - Brides already have too many things that stress them (From preparation to the actual event) and the last thing you want is to give them another thing to worry about when something unfortunate happens during their special event as a result of you performing your service. As a professional, I am responsible for my business and I take responsibility for any accidents that I might cause.

2) I value my business - I am currently in a partnership and an accident during the event can literally wipe me out financially if the accident is significant.(eg a light stand falls and seriously injures a guest - or worse)

3) I value my services - We hire contractors because we know they are insured...we get the services of our doctors because we know they are to a potential client, my having an insurance is another good sign that I value my services.

I chose Hill and Usher primarily because of their coverage that is really specialized for photographers. It is a bonus that the premium is also manageable.

I know that having insurance does not mean I need to prepare less (actually it means that I might need to prepare more - eg produce certificates of insurance for venues,etc) but now I can shoot with less stress because I know that if anything unfortunate happens - my company is covered. Less stress for me also means better pictures and better service so having insurance also just upped my ability to serve better.

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