Friday, July 1, 2011

Coffee Table Books and Weddings

I finally admitted to myself that with the current economic situation - there is a really a place for coffee table books in wedding photography.

Sure - the bride will still consider those glamorous, leather-bound album for herself but there is still a need for most couples to provide parent albums, sponsor albums or friend albums and this is where the coffee table books come in handy. They are not as pricey and it may not come with gilded edges(although some now do) but it is still a medium to capture and preserve the moments of a one-of-a-kind event - the marriage of a daughter, a son or a close friend. It can even be an exact replica of the wedding album but toned down to essentials.

I have seen coffee table books that also now come with thicker pages from Asukabooks that can be a really good stand ins to the traditional wedding album. It looks gorgeous and come with customizable covers and can be an alternate investment for the bride who still want a really good wedding album without the steep cost and, when bought with, say, their layflat albums for the parents - the whole package can be more economical without sacrificing quality.

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