Friday, April 8, 2011

Lean to be Lean

One of the best and easiest way to look better on a photo is to use your chest and lean towards the camera.

Try it out - get a mirror - look at yourself before the lean and then...lean slowly.

Did you see that flesh below your chin disappearing....that neckline on the side of your neck showing more and getting more slender...that jawline getting more defined..and did you notice that your face suddenly looks more prominent than before oh and lest we forget - did you notice that the dimensionality of your face also improved? Did you also notice that your shoulders naturally rolled back a bit giving you a more defined base for your face?

Now look lower - aha  - did you see that your middle now looks slimmer as well and that your chest just gained strength?

Sometimes the simplest of move produces the most wonderful effect and in the world of photography - the simple act of leaning forward to the camera works wonders! Couple this with the skills of a professional photographer who can light you the best way possible and voila - beauty at its best!

So next time you see a lens in front of you - LEAN!

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