Monday, March 21, 2011

Mission Critical? Scout Ahead!

I just did another scouting mission yesterday in connecticut - looking for a good place to do a shoot and it was a truly valuable trip! I have committed to myself that to the best of my abilities, I will always scout ahead - especially if it is in a local place!

For one - I thought a park will be like a good stroll place and I was thinking that maybe - maybe that would be the automatic place to be with some green already (being first day of spring) and well - google maps told me that there is a park nearby....well...ended up to be doable but not that great. I saw like this wonderful curved steps and a playground plus a flat ground with tall trees beside it and maybe I can use the bleachers near the baseball area but I realized that if I ever use that park - my skills will be more called for (hello F/2.8 maybe?)

I am hanging on to my belief that I can take a beautiful picture even if you have one the worst background there can be (like maybe the crowd in times square - talk about noise! or maybe that old rotting barn) - otherwise what would separate me from the rest of the world who has a camera in their hands?

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