Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Make-up Tips for the Bride

As a professional photographer, we pride ourselves of capturing the beautiful moments in your wedding but there are some things that, as a bride, you can help us help you make the most of your day. One thing is make-up choices.

1. Go with waterproof mascaras/eyeliners. Don't just get products that say "smudge-proof" - get those that say "waterproof". There are so many brides who would not be able to hide those tears and if you don't go waterproof - the pictures will capture those horrific moments when your mascara or eyeliner runs

2. Get shine-control foundation. Photography is all about light - light can beautify, magnify and yes, light can reflect. Eventhough as professionals we would know how to manage the situation - having a very shiny foundation or those with glitters on them will make the capture more thought-provoking.

3. Even foundation - below neckline. Avoid putting foundation only on the face - especially if it will shift your skin color/tone to an extent that it will look different from your neck and shoulders. Apply evenly the color to cover as well your neckline and surrounding areas that the gown will not cover. Also - try to get those products that will not wipe off easily.

4. Dab, don't wipe. Bring along a small tissue to dap tears, sweat or anything similar - including icing that might stray on your cheek. Don't wipe - especially if you have make-up that will easily come off. Eventhough we can "fix" small streaks of uneven color and can even take your picture to manage it - it will still show with your guests and other people

5. Get a professional make-up artist. It is preferred if you can take away the stress from yourself on the day and get a professional to do your make-up - choose one early on that matches the style and look you prefer. Do trial make-ups for selection and let him or her do your makeup on your day.

6. keep it simple and natural. Beautiful makeup does not necessarily mean expensive make-up. I have seen products from the brank Mark that look natural, waterproof and inexpensive. One example is their "no place to run long wear eyeliner".

Finally - don't forget to smile and enjoy yourself - all the makeup in the world cannot mimic a beautiful smile!

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