Saturday, March 19, 2011

Engagement Portraiture Tips for the Couple

These are some of the helpful tips that I also give to my clients. Beautiful pictures are the result of a teamwork and eventhough how good your photographer is - when you wear a red sequenced beaded shirt on a photo shoot - expect to shine!Again, these are guidelines - at the end of the day - the most important factor to consider is your personality as a couple.


1. Consider wearing long sleeve shirts. Short sleeved shirts and 3/4 sleeves can make the arms look bulkier - long sleeve shirts can do the opposite
2. Avoid wearing super contrasty colors like bold red horizontal stripes on a white shirt. If you need to wear stripes - consider vertical or diagonal lines with a good color blend.You should be the focus of your photos.
3. Consider wearing colors in the same family .I recommend leaning towards the more darker tones.
4. Wear defining but comfortable clothing to the shoot - expect movement and poses but at the same time avoid the "hammer pants".
5.  Consider having a theme - casual, formal, fun,sexy - to prevent the possibility of one wearing a tux and the other a beach attire - unless that is the specific intent of the shoot
6. Bring an extra set of clothes - in case something happens (eg it rains, that childhood playground slide is not as clean as it should,etc) or to get a variety of moods and photos

Hair and Make-up:

1. Consider wearing something similar to what you plan to wear on your wedding day - including hair style and color blends - the engagement session is a good venue to see how we can both make you look the best on your wedding day. It is a good idea to maybe do your make-up trial session on the same day.
2.  Consider my tips on make-up for the brides

Location and Timing

1. Pick a memorable location for you as a couple if possible ( where you met, where you got engaged,etc) or let your photographer suggest one based on how you want the shoot to look
2. Inform your photographer (if he did not ask yet) why the location is important for you if you are choosing it
3. Outdoor photos typically are better shot at either early morning or late afternoon when the natural light can bring those shadows and bring more personality, dimensionality and drama to your photos. Your photographer will know though when an artificial light will be called for - especially if it is indoors
4. If you have a special prop - bring it along - maybe even your vintage car or that special hat or scarf.

Personality and Mood:

1. Inform your photographer (if he did not ask before) how you see yourselves as a couple and have 3 adjectives to define your "couple personality"
2. Bring your personality to the shoot and don't be shy to show your true selves to the camera - this is the perfect time to practice your comfort level being the prime model in front of a camera.
3. Relax and let the moment happen - have fun with each other and the shoot itself

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