Thursday, March 3, 2011

Beautiful Wedding Pictures Start Before the Wedding

Most couples are aware that it takes a professional to take professional pictures -> those that capture the moments, those that make the special moments more memorable - the images that will define and will be remembered for years to come.

But these beautiful pictures are not simply the product of the photographer. It takes a partnership between the couple and the photographer to make these moments last a lifetime. Here are some tips to making the best wedding images BEFORE the actual wedding date.

1) Meet your photographer early on and get that comfort level in place. There is nothing more beautiful than a natural, comfortable pose. The photographer will help you in achieving a beautiful pose but if you are uncomfortable with your photographer - it will show in the images - regardless of how good or expensive your photographer is. You will also remember that unpleasant feeling when you view your pictures later on.

2) Make the most of engagement sessions. Engagement sessions or portraits not only serve the need for images for "save the date" cards but it is probably the first time you are actually seeing your photographer "in action" with you. Try different poses - even seemingly crazy ones. Try different angles, different light angles. Have fun. Show the photographer that you are the best looking kissing couples around! These shots will not only help you get more comfortable with the photographer - it also helps the photographer refine the angles when your actual wedding is happening -> thus more beautiful pictures.

3) Plan the actual day considering time for the photos - reserve at least 15-30 minutes after the celebration for the "altar" photos, try to get time early on for preparation photos, reserve time for the entourage photos. Ensure that your hour per hour during the wedding day will have these important times blocked out - a hurried photo session is not an ideal situation to be in (eg cases of missing entourage members, overlapping weddings in the church,etc).

At the end of the day - beautiful pictures start from the time you meet your photographer. Make the partnership happen early on.

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